Sunday, August 07, 2005

Eternal Sunday In San Francisco

I was talking to my friend in San Francisco today, and he was telling me about a ball game he attended and other things. At one point he said, "Oh...I was taking a shower at the gym, and I noticed a small bottle of shampoo, or something. I picked it up to move it out of the way, and I looked at the label and it said, "Nancy Boy Shampoo." Well. You could have knocked me down with a feather." For those who don't know, "nancy boy" is a British slang expression meaning "gay man." My friend also told me there is a Nancy Boy store in San Francisco, so I googled it, and sure enough, it's true. The product line was originally sold exclusively over the computer, then in 2002 the creators opened a shop on Market Street:

Referring to his Asian-American wife my friend said, "It seems like Jackie is gonna sleep all day, and the cat lays there like a guarding lion, or a temple Fu dog...daring me to bother her." He added, "I want temple dogs on my grave. I want to be buried in the Chinese graveyard, so they can kiss my white ass for all eternity." I was laughing and asked him if I could use our conversation on the blog. At first he pleaded off saying it would embarass him, but then he turned around his decision and said, "Who am I to stand in the way of the press? What you have to do, do quickly."

Honorable Ancestors? Fu You! :)


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