Saturday, January 12, 2008

Guest Blogger: Miss Thi Hi Leather Boots

My good friend in New Hampshire, usually given over to more sensual footwear, sent me this, and I thought we'd let her be a guest blogger tonight. Those are her feets in snowshoes today...somewhere in the woods in New Hampshire.

Men's Top Ten Favorite Conversation Topics
1. Sex
2. Romantic fantasies
3. Hobbies/interests in general
4. Hopes and aspirations
5. Music
6. Dreams
7. Movies
8. Entertainment
9. Vacations
10. Travel

Men's Top Ten Least Favorite Conversation Topics
1. Past relationships
2. Other dates
3. Celebrities
4. Religion
5. Politics
6. Antiques
7. Money
8. Fashion
9. Gardening
10. Marriage

Men's Top Ten Date Picks
1. Taking a romantic walk
2. Restaurant
3. Park
4. Cook dinner at home
5. Coffee shop
6. Scenic car ride
7. Stay in and rent a movie
8. Bowling or Playing Pool
9. Live music
10. Comedy Club

Top Ten Restaurant Types for a Date
1. Casual dinner
2. Pub
3. Retro bar with live music
4. French cuisine
5. Ethnic
6. Pizza place
7. Western
8. Salad bar
9. Sushi bar
10. Family dinner

Men's Top Ten Favorite Ways to Have Someone Flirt with Them
1. Displays concern for him, his feelings and well being
2. Talks about things he likes or dislikes, making comments and showing interest
3. Shows him your a daring or mischievous side
4. Sends him special/cute email messages
5. Shares jokes or amusing anecdotes with him
6. Compliments him on his screen name, attitude, personality and appearance
7. Makes an effort to contact him in some form most every day
8. Sends instant messages when he and you are online at the same time
9. Discusses seriously the traits he desires in a partner
10. Uses suggestive language in online conversations with him

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Blogger Loralee said...

Just so you know, I was actually in vermont :) (and you didn't show the funny hat!) The side of the mountain we shoed on had packed snow which got softer on the return trip, and the next town over had miles of yards and a golf course which were so green it looked as though they'd been vacuumed of all snow. we only went about three miles, but it was a nice day out.

10:45 PM  
Blogger Washington Cube said...

Wanted to protect your privacy, Missy. ;) The photographs were incredibly gorgeous. I am SO jealous.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Hammer said...

Shortly after moving to D.C. I started spending time with a woman who loved antiques, roadtrips to get more antiques, and of course that cursed T.V. show.

When it became clear that the only antiques I had any interest in had 4 wheels and a motor, she started suggesting we hit the road on the weekends for other officially stated reasons. And yet somehow, our routes would "just happen" to swing by a multitude of antique stores and flea markets where we'd stop "for just a minute." I remember shuffling through these places in a sort of zombie prisoner shuffle haze thinking, "You know, if she'd just go ahead and purse me, my misery would be complete."

Needless to say, our association didn't last terribly long.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Washington Cube said...

It's funny about those lists, Hammer. They don't sound like one man I know or have known. I was left thinking, "Who are these men?" Oddly enough, the woman who sent me the lists is anything but that type herself. As you can see from the partial shot I used of her in her snowshoes, out tramping mountains in Vermont. She used to ride a motorcycle, a la Velvet (not sure she still owns it), a chocolatier, has restored a garage roof, talked about growing wormwood to make her own absinthe. I was rereading something this weekend that tied into the idea of men and women. Maybe I'll have to write that piece now...although I usually avoid those subjects like the plague.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

Good lord, Hammer. Did you date my Mom?

3:02 PM  
Blogger Hammer said...

I'd respond to Phil's comment, but it's just too easy.

Sort of like Phil's m...

NO! Not gonna do it.

10:24 AM  

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