Saturday, May 20, 2006

Did The Earth Just Tilt?

This morning, I was talking to my friend Lisa who lives in San Francisco. "Something really bad happened," she said. "Did you father die?," I asked (he's been very sick.) "No." Then I asked, "Did Rock (her ex) get married?" "No." She added, "But I would be really upset if he did."

She paused, then said, "Casswell-Massey is no longer making Old-Fashioned Milk Bath bubble bath." I know I shouldn't joke about this. She loves this stuff. But of all of the things it could have been...shaking head.

"Adieu, Lisa"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blogs Dreams Lead To Covert Themes

If you read my previous post, you will learn I had a rather strange dream about Phil and The Playaz Ball. In the dream, Phil was possessor of a power word that was sequestered away. Tonight, we were talking, and he indicated to me that somewhere in the previous posting's comments section, he revealed the secret word. "I can't believe no one has gotten it," he said.

I begged him not to reveal the word to me, nor did I want to be guessing. My life is rather boring right now, so small thrills for me if one of my readers nails it. In the earlier posting, A Unique Alias guessed "wiretape." Kate guessed "no," and Chase and Drew both guessed "bird." I've asked Phil to pop in on the blogsite and monitor if people are making guesses. I really wish one of you would find it....what with Phil as a standing candidate for the head of the C.I.A. and all. The Playaz Ball.

This is one of Phil's photographs entitled "While You Are Sleeping." He used it on his blog, then the next night, I was dreaming about Playaz. Strong juju, those men.

Blog Dreams

I had three blogs dreams in succession at dawn. In the first one the power of the word was converted into numeric form and in the arranging of the numbers, lay the power.

The second dream was that words written into a blog whited out, faded and disappeared and the word held no value.

In the third dream, you had to receive a telephone call from Phil of The Playaz Ball.

Once you were on the phone with Phil, he would give you a word, and you needed to find the word written on a folded piece of paper that had been ripped from Oprah's magazine, "O." All power was within that word. The problem was, someone got to the telephone before me, but....I found the piece of paper. Just as I was unfolding the paper, I awakened.

Now I read that Phil is the President's candidate of choice to head the C.I.A.

What is the word? What does it all mean?

"The word is..." *

* Mea culpa for appropriating this last image from The Playaz Ball. It is indeed Phil's work (clearly,) but it so well expressed what I was writing about, I yanked it for use.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just In From The Street

I just got off the telephone with a friend, and he said, "Only in D.C. do you have to go to a second closing for a parking space."
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