Monday, June 19, 2006

Dining On The Dock Of The Bay

The view from the table

Saturday was perfection. I spent the day in Annapolis with my friend who lives there, and we had lunch at Mike's Seafood on the South River. Watching everyone pounding away with wooden mallets, working over piles of steamed crabs, I realized what a truly unique Maryland experience this is.

Beneath our table, a little duck kept us company.

The father in this picture kept getting up
and showing his children how to open crabs.
I guess that's a Daddy job.

About a month ago, things didn't go quite so swimmingly. Same friend. We had a solemn family activity to fulfill. It was Mother's Day. Our mothers are buried across the road in the same cemetery so we went to leave flowers. Afterwards, we looked for a nearby place for lunch. The closest thing available was the Ram's Head Beach House, and it was quite the culinary adventure, since biker bar doesn't usually jump to mind in conjunction with girl's lunch.

Plenty of free parking including
handicapped motorcyclist spaces

The menu was the kind of thing that made my heart sink. Nothing looked edible. I settled for a bowl of soup. My friend had a sandwich. I have to admit I was surprised when our food arrived in plastic bowls and plates. My friend is from NYC and doesn't hold back, I'm afraid. She asided to the departing waitress, "Oh. I see you've hauled out the best plastic for us." It was odd, sitting in a restaurant, eating off plastic, but I wish she hadn't been rude to the waitress.

Karmic crab bisque that made me
sickedy, sick sick
well into the night

Fellow restaurant patrons. I'm loving the reflective bill
on the backwards baseball cap.

...and it's good to see they have
their mission statement on the wall

An acquaintance of Jack Shit was there

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Overheard In D.C: Touché Ouché

While waiting in line to get tickets to see the movie, The Proposition, I was behind a group of teenaged girls:

Teenager #1: Oh, did I show you my new cellphone?

Teenager #2 (full of ennui): Oh yeah. That's my old one.

Touché, Doll...and ouché.

"Ray Winstone is hot."

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