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Every Blog Has It's Day

I was thinking about my blog a lot the last week of December. I had reason to go back into its' archives looking for something, and while I was there I took the time to scan each piece I wrote. I was less than thrilled. Everything seemed to fall short of what I would want it to be, and yet when I asked myself what my goals were in having a blog, I easily had answers for what I did not want it to be, but found it hard to arrive at concrete concepts of what it should be. I never wanted my blog to focus on one topic (photography, food, dating, politics, reviews). I didn't want it flooded with personal day-to-day emotions and drama. I didn't want to write these drawn out theoretical pieces that, while they make you think, can also hit the reader like a literary anvil.

So here is my fresh start. The new year. Do I beg
in to write daily, or continue with a few pieces a week, hopefully with the chance of improving my content? I would like to do more reporting on the street with camera in hand, a citizen journalist as it were: self-appointed reporting, no assignments or deadlines, self-publishing and complete control. Yet with all of these freedoms, it is easy to feel the full impact of production and at times it seems it would almost be better if someone were saying, "Give me 1200 words on (fill in the blank), and I need it by Friday."

I don't like posting in quick succession when the comment field hasn't had time to build, and that's another problem: how to continue building a core readership. I love hearing back from people, often with their own stories. The only solid idea that I've arrived at on January 1, 2006 is that I will continue to pursue eclectic ideas and interests. I will be reformatting the blog at some point (definitely putting up art in the banner). I want to update my blog roll to reflect what I am reading and honor those good writers, and
I want to acquire a better quality camera for many reasons. Right now, I am using a digital camera that is literally held together with rubber bands and tape. Oddly enough it landed in that state because of Jimi Hendrix, but that's another story.

So many things to think about for blogging in 2006. The key thing for me is to continue to try and learn the medium and to have a blossoming, open mind.

*Photograph by Rosamund Purcell


Blogger ThaiMex1 said...


Good luck on your New Year's Resolution. If anyone can stick to it it'll be you! From my standpoint I think you did a wonderful job since you began. Remember that we're our own worst critic. I sit from afar and think, "WOW, I wish I could find the different commentaries and write so well!"

Looking forward to reading your blog this year as I did in the past year.

"Live Long And Blog"

7:25 AM  
Blogger elvira black said...

I felt like I was reading my own thoughts when I read your post. The proofreading symbol sheet brought back some traumatic memories, since I spent many years in the publishing field, with a lot of copyediting and writing thrown in there as well.

I, too, have been experiementing and fine tuning on my site--adding photos and art, trying to keep my entries shorter, posting more frequently (but not daily, for the reasons you mentioned). I think that it's a good thing to take a step back and see what direction you've been going and what adjustments you might want to make. Perhaps the unexamined blog is sometimes not worth writing? LOL. In any case, I think it's a continually evolving beast, and I've never had more fun.

Though I belong to a bipolar blog ring, my blog does not touch on this issue in depth very often. I too cover a lot of themes and topics. In any case, since I've only recently "met" you, I have to say that I think your blog rocks from what I've seen. Your content, including your photos, are terrific. If I can ever get hold of a replacement battery for my new Canon digital, I'm gonna try to post more of my own pix as well.

Have a happy and healthy New Year, and I look forward to visiting you early and often in this coming year.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Reya Mellicker said...

When I saw your blog title, I gasped, worried you had decided to stop blogging. Thank goodness I was wrong!

I'm eager to see what you develop here in 2006. The sky's the limit. Onwards and upwards.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Merujo said...

I find your blog engaging, entertaining, thoughtful, and well-written. I admire your ability to keep the quality of your words so high. I'm afraid that's something I cannot do - I'm sort of a random crap generator.

Whatever direction you choose to pursue in this new year, I'm confident your readership will continue to grow and your words will be enjoyed and appreciated.



12:21 PM  
Blogger Megarita said...

Other than getting a HUGE case of the heebie jeebies from that picture, this was another excellent Cube fest. Do know that you're a marvelous and thoughtful writer. I'd be deeply chagrined and not a little pouty if you changed a thing. No pressure...

5:22 PM  
Blogger Chairborne Stranger said...

My, you are very harsh on yourself!

Your posts are always so thoughtful and dynamic-ok, they make us think.

All of the posts I read were very well put together-the B'more piece in particular that I'm thinking of.

Your blog is so well-written. Which are you leaning towards-a few pieces a week or deadlines on yourself?

5:57 PM  
Blogger I-66 said...

Six Sided Geometric Shape,

If it were up to me, I'd say "don't change a thing." But if you think some revising is in order then do so with the knowledge that no matter what it is, I'm sure to read.

Happy new year,
Interstate (despite the fact that DC isn't a state) 66

8:33 PM  
Blogger playfulinnc said...

You poop good work.

On teacher told me that years ago, and, as one of your loyal readers, I believe the same of you.

Just eat something different, and I'm sure it will be good. Just different good.

10:18 PM  
Blogger Velvet said...

For the first couple paragraphs I was thinking, "Here we go. She's quitting! Damn!"

Resolutions for change are good if you are going to be happy with them. If you want the blog to change, then change it. But sometimes when you focus too hard on content and your own blog rules, it doesn't flow as freely. I have a dating blog, but when I had family trauma at the holidays I just had to blog about it. And it helped. So, don't limit yourself!

10:24 AM  
Anonymous DRFS aka Sue said...

I enjoy reading what you have to say. You are a very intersting person...with a back story that encompasses many adventures. I check the blog every day just b/c I enjoy reading what you're thinking about. The Capote entry is one of my favorites. I will echo the comment that we are ALL our own worst critics. But that is what keeps us growing as people and as writers.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Miss Scarlet said...

Happy New Year:) I'd bet that your readers will come back no matter how often you write (if it was daily or more, I mean).

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have cut back on the posts on my blog because I want it to be more quality than quantity. Besides, it was getting to the point where I was just posting stuff just so I would have a new entry everyday.
Now, I post once or twice a week, and my readership has not gone down at all.
Good luck to you!

4:51 PM  
Blogger Siryn said...

It is better to blog as the spirit moves you; quality will be better because you'll be inspired. Don't blog because you wish to entertain, blog because the passion is flowing out of you.

10:59 PM  

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